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Consultancy & Management


Consultancy & Management

Acom Consultancy excels in providing business customers advice and guidance on their telecommunication challenges relevant to their needs. The Consultancy team have a proven track record through working with some of the UK’s largest Corporates to develop strategies and solutions that optimise and exceed the client’s requirements saving them time and money in the process.

The Acom Project Management Team take over to deliver the project in a professional and efficient manner on an end-to-end basis or to the client’s specification.

The Consultancy and Management Teams have excellent links with device manufacturers, network providers and MDM vendors including Maas360, Good and Airwatch.


Consultancy and Management Services include:

  • No obligation consultation to understand the client’s challenge;
  • Independent and unbiased advice on what is best for the client;
  • Providing a consultant that has unrivaled and deep rooted understanding of the working of mobile networks;
  • Project Managers who work closely with the client without hindering project progress or output;
  • Project staff and Acom Gurus who have an in depth understanding of the device, workability and usage;
  • A full Billing Audit to help the client’s business reduce its running costs.

Acom Gurus


Acom Gurus

Acom Gurus are experts in all aspects of mobile technology who offer world class service to their business clients. Their extensive experience through dealing with the UK’s big 4 networks, the various device manufactures and software including iOS, Android and Blackberry ensures nothing fazes them. All challenges are met head on and the only goal for them is a satisfactory outcome for the client.

Acom Gurus:

  • Work as part of a client’s project team or work independently to deliver their aspect of the project;
  • Will lead and manage the project working to the client’s specifications;
  • Have vast experience of Corporate Operations and the challenges that are faced by big businesses
  • They easily adapt to the client’s mode of working and fit into the team;
  • Train the client’s workforce for optimal use of the device;
  • Bring years of experience in mobile technology to the project and will adjust their interaction;
  • Leave the client’s workforce free to carry on with their day-to-day duties.

Project Support Desk


Project Support Desk

Onsite support is part of the Acom armoury, however not all projects require this level of intense attention; they may just need a remote number that users can call in case of need. Some clients may need a team of experts for a period of time comprising subject matter experts that can be an extension to the company’s IT Helpdesk.

Acom Helpdesk will understand the client’s business and adapt its support infrastructure to tailor make this to fit the client’s need. The Acom Helpdesk is UK based in London and the technical advisers are on hand to assist in the implementation of the project.

Acom Support Desk offers:

  • UK based team of technical experts versed in devices, networks and mobile technology;
  • Outbound and inbound calls as well as data collection service for the project team;
  • Easy set up and readiness in a few days with no training overhead;
  • Pressure relief to in house client support teams;
  • Short term independent helpdesk numbers for the specific project or align to an existing framework;
  • Data capture via outbound calling.

Acom Store


Acom Store

The device will comprise the basic set, charger and maybe headphones. The Acom Store is a UK based warehouse specialising in bulk distribution of accessories and devices with a fast and efficient service.

To safeguard and elongate the life of the set or to make the usage more enjoyable from a personal or business perspective, it is important to choose the right accessory. Acom Store understands the vast array of accessories that are available and are on hand to not only assist you in your choice but to supply the accessory that is the most suitable for your need.


Acom Store Offer:

  • Advice and expertise to choose the right accessory;
  • A wide range of mobile device accessories including cases, screen guards and chargers;
  • Quality products that are value for money;
  • Next day delivery on many items.

Acom Managed Logistics


Acom Managed Logisitics

At the core of the Acom Managed Logistics service is building and delivering a device that is ready to use. The UK based logistics team will take the generic set and make this bespoke to the organisation and individual user specification before this arrives with the staff member.

This personal service for each end user ensures acceptance of the new device and an efficient way to transfer from the old to the new device.


The Logistics Team will:

  • Consult with the client to understand the exact device build;
  • Order management and storage of the devices until ready for the client;
  • Removal of marketing and other unwanted apps from the device;
  • Customise the device by adding any apps or other data specified by the client ready for immediate use;
  • Packaging/labeling and asset tagging per the customer’s format to manage inventory;
  • Kitting and delivery of the device via secured courier.