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Our Vision

To be the market leader in the provision of end-to-end managed mobile solutions helping corporate clients to optimise performance.

Our Industry

Mobile phones are no longer a luxury, they have become an integral part of peoples’ lives. The many inherent applications and functions make the consumers’ life easier and in many cases it is the only device they use for their every-day life. Gone are the note pads, diaries and records kept in files, all the information can be stored in the device!

Similarly, any corporate client of any substance will ensure their management, staff on call and key staff are supplied with a mobile phone / communication device which could be an iPhone, Blackberry or an Android set. Many companies will supplement the mobile with a tablet computer as well.

Gone are the days when a mobile phone was there to make a call and send a text. These days the sets have multiple uses and complicated functionalities; the only thing lacking is that they don’t make the tea! Upgrades are frequent and enhancements a must to keep ahead of the competition.


Some people have the aptitude and can configure their new device but the vast majority of people are daunted with the new ‘toy’, be it a personal or company provided device. Much productivity is lost by businesses as staff try and work out the intricacies of the device.

Individual consumers were beset with mobile phone issues as they couldn’t fully understand the full functionality and complexities of their device, were not always able to move networks without having to buy a new expensive set as their existing one was ‘locked’ and couldn’t configure the device for optimum use. The issues were identical in the corporate world;  the device may have been supplied by a corporate but the user was still uninitiated in its use!

Birth of Acom

Recognising the issue and the angst many people were going through when their company provided them with a ‘mobile’, Asif Shabbir, CEO and expert on mobile technology set up Acom Solutions in January 2010. The vision and objective for Acom Solutions was to take what was being offered in the consumer market and bring this into the corporate sector.

In its inaugural months Acom Solutions provided an ‘Unlocking’ services which helped corporates to save money as existing devices would be used when network suppliers were changed. The company has come a long way since then and in a very short space of time now provides a fully integrated end-to-end service on all aspects of mobile, tablet and laptop technologies. It has a dedicated team of 20 staff commonly known as ‘Acom Gurus’ who are able to provide consultancy, project planning, implementation and post-delivery support.

Managed Services

Due to their extensive training and experience the Acom Gurus are able to deal with any aspect of iPhone, tablet, laptop or Android device functionality; nothing fazes them in the ever changing dynamic telecoms market! Acom Managed Services delivers at every stage of a projects lifecycle. From consultations and logistics right the way through to device deployment and end user support.

By putting the customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do helps Acom to stay customer focussed and driven by customer satisfaction. This is underpinned by a team who have a true passion for technology and knowhow which has helped some of the UK’s biggest businesses in their device deployment projects.

Delivering Results!

Clients demand the best of service and set some serious challenges with tight deadlines. At Acom-Solutions we thrive and embrace these and then go on to deliver and exceed expectations. Customer service is the cornerstone on what Acom-Solutions is built on and no project is concluded until the client is fully satisfied.

In its short history Acom-Solutions has worked with many prestigious clients and household names such as John Lewis, Virgin Media and Wates Construction. The feather in Acom-Solutions cap is the recent Accredited Supplier status that has been awarded by Telefonica O2 to the company following a rigorous due diligence process.

Acom-Solutions is cognisant that no two businesses are the same, this is why we work with our clients to come up with tailor made solutions for their individual needs. We provide free no obligation consultations and set out to help our clients to achieve their objectives in the most cost effective manner.

Get in touch with our team today and find out more about our managed services!